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Euronda: continued innovation in sterilisation

Advanced technology at the service of the dental practice

Specialised in the production of highly technological devices and systems for sterilisation, Euronda stays on the leading edge of the market, developing unparalleled revolutionary technology that fulfils the needs of dental practitioners in terms of safety, performance and process optimisation.

So, 5 innovations developed to make the sterilisation-protocol phases safer and more efficient.

1. Smart thermosealing

A historic first

Euronda has always been at the forefront, guaranteeing vanguard packaging and sealing systems. As far back as 1997, some research work had helped Euronda to make its first important innovation, developing a cartridge heater that would take the place of the traditional Teflon tape. This was the first of a series of innovations that made Euroseal 2001 the best-selling sealing machine in the world, whom the natural successor is Euroseal Infinity, from which it has taken and built upon its key elements.

Today: smart validation

The sterilisation process is a highly methodical procedure and it is fundamental that each single phase is carried out properly. This is why Pro System has focused on validation as a key factor in the design of its devices, regardless of whether the task involves cleaning, sterilisation or pouch sealing.

The best Pro-System thermosealing machines are able to validate the successful outcome of the sealing process, recording and storing all the data relating to sealing operations performed (date, time, sealing number, batch, operator, temperature, speed and pressure).

The rotary sealing machine

Developed to meet the needs of large clinics, Euromatic Plus elevates the thermosealing machine to new heights of innovation and automation with its continuous-cycle-technology rotary system and a sealing speed of 8 m per minute.

Sealing takes place automatically. The pouch containing the instruments only needs to be inserted and Euromatic® does the rest, accompanying it through each step until it has been completely sealed, after which the data selected by the operator is printed directly onto the pouch.

2. Inspectionable technology

Guaranteeing safety, efficiency and outstanding performance is not enough. These characteristics must stay intact over time, making sure that sophisticated equipment such as autoclaves deliver total reliability and longevity.

This is why Euronda has made sure that its equipment design includes inspection and maintenance methods that are simple and straightforward.

Inspection® System

Developed back in 2004 on the E9 autoclave range and then extended to all new models, this system allows users to gain access to the tank compartment quickly and easily.

The upper lid enables to be easily opened for quick and frequent cleaning by the operator. Even less expert staff members will be able to do it and the dental practice will benefit from certain and constantly effective sterilization that continues to deliver results over time.

3. Expandable digital traceability: the future of protection

Guaranteeing a comprehensive traceability and retrievability system covering all the phases of the sterilisation protocol has always been something Euronda has striven to do exceptionally well.

It was this desire that led Euronda to create its first traceability system for data on sticky labels as early on as 2008 and has caused it today to develop a new concept of total digital traceability for Pro System.

This is crucial to prove that all phases of the sterilisation protocol have taken place successfully and completely. It stores evidence of all the various steps – washing, packaging and lastly sterilisation.

In our ever-connected world, the Pro-System devices enable users to save and make use of sterilisation data which can always be accessed from a PC, printer, smartphone and tablet via an USB or SD-Card or Ethernet connection or optional WiFi kit.

A comprehensive system which with E10 reaches the apex of its potential. It is possible to connect several autoclaves and the other devices (like Eurosafe 60 and Euroseal® Valida) to the management programme so you can manage and make use of a complete organised database of all the sterilisation cycles that took place in the clinic.

4. Luminous progress bar: user-friendly technology

Providing users with cutting-edge efficient technology must go hand in hand with guaranteeing intuitive simple management-and-control systems. Those working in the practice must be able to organise their tasks quickly and keep a close eye on the status and quality of the procedures.

This is why Euronda has developed for all its equipment extremely fuss-free and user-friendly interfaces and solutions which allow for total task personalisation in a few fast clicks.

luminous progress bar is definitely one of those pieces of technology that simplifies work in the practice. Placed in E10’s handle compartment, this system is endowed with a led light that changes colour according to the sterilisation stage it has reached.

  • Green light: cycle over. Sterile load.
  • Yellow light: cycle over, but load not perfectly dry. Wait before using.
  • Red light: load not sterile.

It acts like a traffic light and is visible from a distance, providing you with essential information even if you are busy doing something else. One quick glance will tell healthcare professionals what is happening and keep them up-to-date on the sterilisation status and availability of the instruments.

5. E-Timer: managing time

For technology to be really useful, it has to help us improve time management and task scheduling in the dental practice.

All Pro-System devices have been designed with this in mind. The advanced functions and software have been created to better performance levels in the practice.

The E-Timer function featured on the best Euronda autoclaves was specially developed to meet this need.

This innovative function allows the healthcare professional to preset the starting time of sterilisation cycles and tests, arranging it for when suits you best.

This means that you can personalise times to fit in with your practice routine. This makes everyone’s job easier without interfering with daily duties. Like this, the day will get off to a great start.

Euronda Pro System

All Euronda equipment is a step ahead when it comes to fusing innovation and usability. At Euronda we improve and develop technology so that our products offer a complete answer to a modern dental practice’s requirements of safety, optimisation and efficiency.