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Control tests for thermosealing machines and class-B autoclaves

Autoclaves and thermosealing machines are essential devices in the sterilization process. To ensure that they operate effectively and that the sterilization process is thorough and safe, regular control tests must be carried out. The tests enable us to verify that autoclaves and sealers are functioning properly and that they achieve and maintain the required sterilization standards. Tests are mandatory and their purpose is to confirm that both the machinery used and sterilization process as a whole are effective. Tests should be carried out in a systematic way in accordance with the practice’s internal protocol.
We recommend testing with the following frequency:

  • Every day: Vacuum Test;
  • Every day: Steam penetration test for hollow (Helix Test) and/or porous loads (Bowie & Dick Test);
  • At each cycle: cycle parameter verification test;
  • Every month: sealing strip test (Euroseal® Check Test)


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Tests for class-B autoclaves

Bowie & Dick Test

Test for Class B autoclaves to evaluate the penetration efficiency in porous loads.


Single pack
Carton of 10 pieces

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Helix Test

Test for Class B autoclaves to evaluate the capacity of penetration of the steam in hollow loads. Composed of a tube and 250 colour testers to confirm sterilization.


Single pack

test sterilizzazione

Prion Test

Test for Class B autoclaves, calibrated with the temperature, time and pressure parameters considered effective in 134°C Prion sterilization cycles (134°C x 18 minutes). Composed of 200 colour testers.


Single pack

Tests for thermosealing machines

Euroseal Check test

Bar heat thermosealing machine control test which allows to verify that rolls and pouches are correctly sealed, conforming to the EN ISO 11607-2.


Box of 100 tests
Carton of 40 boxes

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