Class B autoclaves

Pro System autoclaves are designed and produced to represent the climax of the Euronda philosophy: constant innovation to protect dentists, assistants and patients all around the world. Performance, efficiency, functionality and design: from E5 to E10, all our autoclaves combine outstanding sterilization to a total connectivity and expandable traceability.

euronda e10


E10 represents the very latest in Euronda autoclaves: more power, enhanced performance and increasingly user-friendly interface.


EXL is the Euronda autoclave with a greater load capacity, designed for dental clinics seeking to optimise time and resource consumption.

E9 Next

The modular, expandable and flexible E9 Next takes class B sterilization to the next level.


E8 brings together all Euronda’s top technology to strike a perfect balance between innovation & ergonomics, power & consumption and customisation & usability.

Autoclave sterilizzazione e9med

E9 Med

E9 Med is a comprehensive, reliable and user-friendly autoclave that offers unparalleled safety with its 5 type B cycles.

Euronda E5 autoclave


E5 is the simplest class N autoclave in the Euronda range and it is ideal for dental technicians