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The cleaning stage of the sterilization process

The cleaning stage of the sterilization processCleaning instruments in the dental practice In 1860, Joseph Lister introduced fundamental improvements in the cleaning of healthcare instruments, in order to prevent the spread of infection, and these techniques have evolved considerably since then.  A variety of residues accumulate on dental instruments. These may be inorganic residues, such as cement, … Read More

Euronda Pro System autoclaves with Covid-19 Control

Euronda Pro System autoclaves with Covid-19 ControlAdditional protection for your practice, sterilization room and operators The recent Covid-19 pandemic has further highlighted the need to protect operators, doctors and patients. Being an area in which we are constantly handling potentially infected equipment that must be made sterile, the sterilization room is a high-risk setting. During … Read More

Some handy tips for maintaining your dental autoclave

Like any mechanical device, autoclaves periodically require a technical maintenance plan because alongside proper day-to-day running and good routine maintenance, this will ensure that it lasts a long time and performs efficiently throughout its working life.

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