E8 autoclave

Efficient and reliable, sterilisation for everyone

Euronda’s E8 is a unique autoclave that expands and completes the lineup of devices and equipment for the entire sterilisation protocol.

With E8, Euronda brings a truly comprehensive, efficient, reliable and extremely versatile autoclave into the dental practice. E8 is the acme of all Euronda’s experience and Pro-System’s outstanding technology so our customers can benefit from a supreme balance of innovation & ergonomics, power & consumption and customisation & usability.

Basically, E8 is the most accessible way to take advantage of the peerless quality of Pro-System sterilisation. It is a balanced smart autoclave that will suit any practice and fulfil all requirements.

5 excellent reasons for choosing E8

1. Reliability: efficiency and safety that stand the test of time

E8 is endowed with devices and functions that make sure it runs smoothly, so it keeps on outperforming with the passing of time. Do you need an example? The in-built conductivity sensor (Water Quality Sensor) constantly monitors the quality of the water supply, suspending the process and informing the operator whenever the parameters are unsatisfactory.

The air-water Separator serves to winnow out the other components from the air prior to entry in the vacuum pump, thus creating optimal conditions and preserving the efficiency of the equipment.

2. Performance: The ideal balance between power and consumption

The instant steam generator and the enhanced drying cycle ensure a rapid and superlative sterilisation process, striking an ideal balance between efficiency and consumption. E8 keeps down water (300 ml of water per cycle) and energy (power usage of 2,300 W at 10 amps) consumption by adapting to the load.

3. Ergonomics: E8 makes everything easier

E8 was designed to fit into your available space: endowed with a new rear ventilation system, it fits perfectly inside the cupboards of the sterilisation room. What is more, with an option of containing the power used within 2,300 W, it can be installed on a 10-amp line.

The Inspection® System means that access to the tank compartment can be gained very rapidly and simply so it can be cleaned easily and frequently even by staff with relatively little experience. Its modular structure facilitates maintenance which spells less downtime.

4. Innovation: top technology - at your fingertips

With E8 technology is synonymous with simplicity. Programming and customisation functions, an extremely user-friendly interface and incredibly innovative systems to keep the autoclave’s performance standards consistent over time: all the systems aim to optimise usability and process organisation.

E8 enables users to run 5 different B-type cycles and customise N and S cycles. The innovative E-timer allows you to set whatever starting time you want for the cycles, meaning better work organisation and less wasted time.

5. Traceability: control over the process

Traceability is a hallmark of all Euronda Pro-System autoclaves, the first to have an expandable traceability system. E8 is no exception to the rule. All sterilisation cycles are saved to an SD card for transferral onto a computer. With E8, two different kinds of printers can be added according to your requirements, so you can save time without jeopardising safety standards.

Smart sterilisation is a question of balance

Straightforward, outperforming and accessible, E8 enables users to streamline workloads within dental practices, cutting down on time, costs and consumption whilst guaranteeing utter reliability and safety for all dental surgeries and making it accessible to everyone.