The purpose of the packing phase is to ensure that sterilized instruments will remain sterile for a certain amount of time, allowing a safe and hygienic storage. It involves putting instruments that have been decontaminated, washed, cleansed, disinfected, rinsed, dried, and checked into special pouches. The pouches are then thermosealed in order to keep the instruments sterile for extended periods of time (in accordance with UNI EN ISO 11607-1 and UNI EN 868-5).  Operators can choose between manual and rotary thermosealing machines, depending on the needs and habits of the dental practice.

Thermosealing Machines

Euronda offers a wide range of thermosealing machines to meet the needs of every dental practice. Whether rotary or manual, all our thermosealers are characterized by a simple and versatile use. Moreover Euroseal® Valida and Euromatic® Plus allow to carry on the concepts of validation, connectivity and traceability dear to Euronda Pro System.

Rolls and Pouches

Eurosteril® pouches and rolls continue to offer all of the safety, hygiene and user friendliness that have always made them the ideal match for first-rate sterilization.