Aquafilter 1 to 1

Aquafilter 1 to 1

The ideal deionisation system for a single autoclave

Device for the production of deionised water for autoclaves, in accordance with EN 13060 (< 15 μS/cm). Only one Euronda Pro System autoclave can be supplied. It deionises on average 1 litre of water per minute. It can be equipped with automatic shut-off device. It can be placed directly on the worktop or inside a cabinet, as well as mounted to a wall. Included in the initial equipment are two ion exchange resins.


39 x 45.5 x 14.5 cm (wxhxd)


8.4 Kg (empty)

It can supply

1 autoclave

Water production

1 L of water every minute

Supply pressure

Max 8 bars


. Pro System catalog


It allows quick, easy and effective autoclave feeding.

Easy to install

The quick couplings allow direct connection to the autoclave and the water supply.

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