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Device that produces deionised water for the autoclave and other pieces of equipment in a dental surgery, in compliance with the EN13060 standard (<15 μS/cm). If the special optional connection pipe is used, it can supply two autoclaves at the same time. Aquafilter deionises an average of 1 litre of water per minute. An indicator light shows the water conductivity level, allowing you to see when it’s time to replace the resins at a glance. The control on the front allows you to supply water manually. It can be equipped with an automatic shut-off device. It can rest on the worktop, inside a cabinet or it can be wall-mounted. The pack contains: two ion-exchange resin cartridges, a resin fixing tool, a water mains connection pipe, and a pipe and cable for connection to an Euronda autoclave.

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It can supply

2 autoclaves

Water production

1 L of water per min.


390 x 455 x 145 mm (wxhxd)


8.6 kg (with full vessels)

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Aquafilter dettaglio

Aquafilter connects to the plumbing like any normal device. The filtering system contains two ion-exchange resin cartridges and a solenoid valve system controlled by a circuit board. The resins trap the ions that are dissolved in the water and release H+ and H-, which together give distilled water.
The three-colour LED system clearly reveals the quality of the water and the state of the cartridges (green = operating normally, yellow = replace cartridge soon, red = replace cartridge now).
The cartridges are inexpensive and they last between one and three months. Their lifespan depends on how they are used and the hardness of the water being filtered.


An indicator light signals the level of water conductivity, showing when the resins need replacing.


It can supply deionized water automatically in all E9 and E10 autoclaves and manually to all other autoclaves.


It works even with high incoming pressure (up to 10 bars).


It can be installed on a work surface, placed in a unit or mounted on a wall.

Easy Intallation

Thanks to the quick couplings used to connect it directly to the electricity and water mains.


It can be connected to two autoclaves at the same time.

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