E-Memory 2.0

E-Memory 2.0

E-Memory 2.0 is the latest generation of software for the complete storing, management and traceability of all sterilization cycles and data directly on a PC.

In full compliance with UNI EN ISO 13485, E-Memory 2.0 implements process quality, control and storage of medical device sterilization data.

The software acquires the data automatically, semi-automatically or manually, storing it on the PC where it can be easily organised, searched, printed or sent by email.

Its management system makes it possible to trace and select all the information relating to the cycles carried out by the various equipment involved in the sterilization process. This aspect is not only essential to work in complete safety and autonomy, but also offers an effective defence for the dentist in the event of a legal dispute.

Easy to consult and manage, it allows the user – in just a few clicks – to directly send cycles and selected data to Technical Support, and allows for the automatic production of Reports and the PDF Certificate with header, graphic logo and personal data.

Download E-Memory 2.0

Have you purchased a Euronda Pro System device? Download the E-Memory 2.0 software free of charge.


Cycle list sorted and filtered by model, serial number, machine, operator, date, cycle and outcome.


With the Watch folder and Technical support functions, you have reporting, certification and alerts in one click.


Complete management of all equipment involved in the sterilization process.


Automatic data acquisition for Ethernet and wireless devices.


Simple, effective and intuitive search commands and filters.


Automatic equipment backup.

At your service

With its new, advanced functions, E-Memory 2.0 allows you to automate the backup of cycles, creating a complete, organised database that can be consulted using search filters, for easy and immediate import/export of the desired information. Immediate, customisable PDF reports and certifications with clinic details

Sterilization 2.0

With E-Memory 2.0, you can automatically manage the data of all the Pro System equipment involved in the sterilization process: thermodisinfectors, sealing machines, autoclaves.

E-Memory 2.0 acquires data automatically via E-Wifi or Ethernet with E-data software, or manually via USB key and SD Card.

Maximum control and efficiency

E-Memory 2.0 enables maximum control and traceability of equipment, tests, cycles and all sterilization data. The new Technical Support function allows you to select a cycle or a list of cycles and send them directly to the Euronda service centre.

Full traceability: watch the video

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