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The 40% larger display, totally redesigned icon pack, swipe cycle start function, user-friendly notification and alert system and integrated video tutorials make the user experience more intuitive and immediate.


Coloured LED lighting, simplified front access and front drain, more accessible printer compartment with a USB port on the front and Wi-Fi as standard: every part of E10 has been designed to simplify all aspects of everyday work.


From the new, more efficient and quieter drying system to the smart cooling system and total traceability, E10 innovates Euronda’s most advanced technologies, guaranteeing outstanding long-lasting performance.

E10 autoclave

Powerful and connected,
for first-class sterilization

Intuitive, traceable and high-performance: E10 enables the complete and connected management of sterilization data with the best digital and paper-based traceability systems. Its intuitive interface, with a 7″ colour display, simplifies and speeds up daily operations.

E10 offers the option of selecting 5 different B cycles and, after entering a password, 1 S and N cycle. In addition to cycles, tests can also be programmed to optimise the use of time.

Thanks to the USB Ethernet connection (both standard), all cycle data can be transferred and conveniently managed on a PC via the free E-Data software, while the WiFi (standard) enables full digital traceability. It is also possible to install 3 different types of optional printers, at any time, for printing receipts or thermal labels containing data or barcodes.

The control systems and advanced functionalities common to all Euronda Pro System autoclaves guarantee safe processes and results over time: the Inspection System allows easy and frequent cleaning; the Dirt Control System separates clean and dirty water flows, draining the dirt from the hydraulic circuit; the conductivity meter constantly monitors water quality; while the air-water separator optimises the pump operation.


Medical Device Class IIb


46 x 45.5 x 61 cm (wxhxd)


47.5 Kg (18 L) – 50.5 Kg (24 L)
(empty machine with basket and trays)

Chamber capacity

18 or 24 L

Power supply

230 V | 50/60 Hz

Power consumption

2300 W

Water consumption

0.3 L


Included: Ethernet, USB, WiFi,
E-Memory and E-Data software

CE Ref


Premium design

E10 is a gem when it comes to design. The compact shape and the white of the body enhance the colours of the 7” display and light path. Everything is designed to be within easy reach: accessible printer compartment, front door adjustment, simplified door release, removable air filters for one-click cleaning or replacement.

Intuitive interface

The interface has been designed with a simple and intuitive logic. Quickly starting cycles by swiping, the possibility to customise them in a few clicks, and video tutorials guiding the user through small routine maintenance procedures simplify the daily use of the device.


Sterilization data can be saved on USB and transferred to a PC via Ethernet connection or WiFi. The cycle archive is easily accessible and searchable from the menu, with the possibility of generating a convenient summary on PDF with all the information on the cycles performed.


Air filters prevent dirt from entering the autoclave, preserving the internal components and their efficiency over time. The state-of-the-art vacuum pump and drying system guarantee high-performance and silent sterilization.

Sterilization cycles and test programs

E10 offers the possibility of performing B, N and S cycles in addition to test programs (Vacuum, Helix, Bowie and Dick). From the menu it is possible to select 3 type B cycles (121°, 134°, 134° Prion) and 2 fast cycles (134° fast, 134° Prion fast), in full compliance with EN 13060. Fast cycles allow sterilization of a small load (1 tray and a 0.6 Kg solid load) 30% faster than standard cycles.

It is also possible to perform N (N134) and S (S134) type cycles, which can be activated by a password.

Cycle programming

E10 allows you to programme the start of the sterilization cycles and tests at the desired time, optimising the workload of the clinic. With this function, the vacuum test can be scheduled before the practice opens, with the flexibility to start an additional test or sterilization cycle if necessary.

Test Reminder

E10 allows a reminder to be set for running test programs at a desired time interval, making it easier to manage the clinic and operate safely at all times.

Visual feedback

The LEDs in the handle compartment act as a light guide informing you immediately about the stage of the sterilization cycle (blue: running, green: sterile, red: non-sterile, orange: sterile not dry).

Load capacity

For E10, the maximum load of bagged solids is 4.5 kg for the 18-litre version and 6 kg for the 24-litre version.
E10 offers up to 4 solutions to optimise the load to be sterilized according to different requirements: the standard tray holder with 5 trays, 2 optional tray holders for the 18-litre version and 3 optional tray holders for the 24-litre version.

vassoi metallici autoclave

Standard tray holder

The square panelled stainless steel tray holders are designed for loading 5 standard aluminium trays. Available in 18 and 24 litre versions. When rotated by 90°, it allows 3 rows of bagged cassettes to be inserted. 5 trays included.


18 L tray holder: 19.5 x 19.5 x 30 cm (wxhxd)
18 L tray: 18.5 x 2 x 28 cm (wxhxd)
24 L tray holder: 19.5 x 19.5 x 40 cm (wxhxd)
24 L tray: 18.5 x 2 x 38 cm (wxhxd)

vassoi metallici autoclave

Complete and integrated traceability

With the E10, the management and archiving of the results of the sterilization process is simplified by means of a digital and paper-based traceability system. All sterilization cycles are saved on USB (standard) and can be transferred to a PC via Ethernet connection or WiFi (both standard). The 3 different types of printers (optional) allow cycles to be printed on thermal paper or labels.

Print Set 1

Internal printer with thermal paper, for accessing paper-based cycle recording, for keeping records.

Print Set 2

Internal printer for adhesive labels, for labelling loads securely with the possibility of printing barcodes as well.

Print Set 3

External printer for adhesive labels, for printing large quantities of adhesive labels, including barcodes.


E-Memory is the software for the complete archiving, management and traceability of all sterilization cycles and data directly on a PC. This application can automatically, semi-automatically or manually capture data from the sterilization process and save it directly to the computer. This data can be easily organised, searched, printed and emailed.

Euronda Pro System technologies and solutions

Efficiency and reliability in a single platform

Euronda Pro System autoclaves are developed on a common platform that guarantees efficiency, reliability, safety and usability on every model in the range. All autoclaves share the same modular structure, optimised control and management systems, accessories and spare parts.

Euronda Pro System

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