With a completely revamped design and new functions, Euromatic® is a rotary thermosealing machine with continuous cycle technology. It has a sealing speed of 8 m/min, which makes it ideal for clinics with a large number of pouches to seal. Simply insert the pouch containing the instruments and Euromatic® automatically drags it until it reaches the end position and then sealing it perfectly. In addition, the data selected by
the operator are printed directly onto the pouch by the built-in printer which features a new system for optimizing print cartridges. Not only does it ensure outstanding results in record time, it allows users to validate the process and keep track of all sealing data, also saving them on your PC via an Ethernet connection or storing them on an external USB or SD Card. For perfect, quick, safe and traceable sealing.


Sealing strip: 12.5 mm


510 x 215 x 242 mm (wxhxd)


14 kg


Power supply: 200 – 240 V; 50/60 Hz
Absorbed power: 600 W

CE Type Ref:



The sealing speed of 8 m/min. combined with multi-band sealing give perfect results in record time.


The innovative 2.8" colour touch-screen display, featuring a new user-friendly interface, guides the user through the menu options in a clear and rapid manner.


The built-in printer prints data directly onto the pouches. All data can be transferred to a computer using a USB device, a SD Card and a standard Ethernet cable.


An audible alarm alerts the operator of any matters requiring their attention and the stand-by function automatically activates when the machine is not in use.


The temperature can be adjusted from the control panel to ensure the perfect seal with any type of paper.


A complete range of accessories are available to enhance usability, such as the front sliding table made of satin-finished steel complete with a bench-top roll-holder and cutter unit.

No more worries, it takes care of everything.

Euromatic® takes care of everything. Thanks to the built-in printer, it prints the data selected by the operator directly onto pouches before they are sealed, using environmentally friendly water-based ink that dries instantly.

In addition, the USB port allows data about operations (such as the date, time and number of the sealing process, as well as the lot, operator, temperature, speed and pressure) to be saved.

When necessary, Euromatic® triggers an audible alarm to alert the operator. A number of accessories can be added, including a brushed steel front sliding table and a table-top roll-holder with a cutter.


E-Memory 2.0 is the latest generation of software for the complete storing, management and traceability of all sterilization cycles and data directly on a PC.


euromatic plus accessori
Front sliding table.

Dim. 480 x 60 x 240 mm (wxhxd)

euromatic plus griglia
Front sliding surface with rollers

Dim. 790 x 66 x 289 mm (wxhxd)

Roll-holder with table-top cutter

Dim. 480 x 78 x 300 mm (wxhxd)

Euronda Pro System

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