Eurosafe 170

Eurosafe 170 thermodisinfector

The XL automatic cleaning

The Eurosafe 170 thermodisinfector meets the needs of clinics with a high number of patients. Efficiency and longevity are ensured by the injection washing and drying system and a water filtering system that preserves pump performance over time.

The Eurosafe 170 allows the user to choose 3 from 20 preset cycles by matching them to the buttons under the 3.5″ colour display, making them easy to select. It also allows the creation of customised cycles based on the specific needs of the material to be treated, adjusting duration and washing temperature.

The Eurosafe 170 is equipped with an integrated softener that allows the use of mains water and monitors the correct regeneration of the resins, giving a warning in the event of salt deficiency. The automatic dosing unit calibrates and injects the two detergent liquids, positioned outside the thermodisinfector, autonomously and without waste.

The thermodisinfector, at the end of each cycle, creates a file that can be transferred to a PC via USB, which reports all process data (time, temperature, cycle number), while also validating the load. In addition, thanks to optional accessories, data can be transferred via Ethernet connection or printed out thanks to the thermal printer.
Made in Italy with durable AISI 316L stainless steel.


Medical Device Class IIb


60 x 84 x 63 cm (WxHxD)


90 Kg

Chamber capacity

170 L

Power supply

Single-phase 220 V / 50Hz
Three-phase 380 V / 50Hz

Power consumption

2700 W (220 V) – 5600 W (380 V)


Included: USB and E-Memory software
Optional: Datalogger

CE Ref:

DS 500 CDL


Thanks to the 170-litre washing chamber, it can accommodate up to four full loads of a 24-litre autoclave, equal to more than 140 instruments plus handpieces, turbines, scaler tips, burs.

Active drying

Drying, through the injection of hot air from several points inside the washing chamber, allows the complete elimination of water deposits on the outside and inside of the hollow-body instrument.


The two rotating arms are arranged in such a way as to ensure that each level of the spacious washing chamber is reached by a powerful double flow of water – from above and below – for a total of 4 washing points.

Full optional

Equipped as standard with all the accessories needed to optimise loading: upper and lower loading trolley, instrument insert, 1 DIN basket, 2 inserts for 8-position trays and bur blocks.

Automated washing

Disinfects everything without any problems

Eurosafe 170 meets the requirements of EN ISO 15883 and allows the control of washing parameters (time, detergent concentration and temperature) during all phases.

The effectiveness of thermal disinfection is measured by the A0 value, which can be achieved with different combinations of temperature and time: the higher the temperature, the less time is needed. The standard requires a minimum A0 of 600 for thermodisinfection of surgical instruments to ensure the elimination of bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi and viruses. Eurosafe 170 allows the A0 parameter to be varied to meet different needs and local regulations.


This is carried out using cold water with the aim of removing organic substances and the most superficial and coarse dirt.


This is performed at temperatures between 50 and 65 °C, adding an enzymatic detergent to ensure perfect cleaning of the instruments.


This is done in order to remove any detergent residue
from the load used in the previous phase.


This takes place through the combined action of hot water at an adjustable temperature of up to 95°C and a variable time of 1 to 10 minutes. During the heating phase, a second chemical agent is injected into the chamber, which prevents corrosion of the load and the forming of deposits, and also facilitates the subsequent drying phase.


The final stage of the process is achieved through effective air distribution within the chamber to obtain, when the device is opened, perfectly dry material ready for packaging.

Thermodisinfection programs


Eurosafe 170 has 20 pre-set cycles to better suit the washing needs of clinics. In addition, it is possible to create customised cycles with different combinations of time and temperature.

Above Standard

It ensures a minimum A0 value of 600 per thermodisinfection cycle. It is also possible to set a value higher and well above the standard, and monitor this parameter in real time via the display.


The transparent tempered glass door allows the contents to be monitored during washing and allows intervention in the event of incorrect positioning of the load inside the chamber.


Connection to the hot water supply reduces electricity consumption and washing time. In addition, a convenient button allows the forced-air drying system to be switched off, thus reducing energy consumption.

Load capacity

A comprehensive range of accessories including loading trolleys, inserts, baskets and adapters simplifies the operator’s work and enables excellent cleaning, thermodisinfection and drying performance, maximising loading capacity and minimising waste.

Optimised spaces

Designed to utilise every centimetre of the washing chamber thanks to the two mirror-image load levels – upper and lower – that ensure easy load distribution.


The numerous possible load combinations adapt to the needs of every clinic and allow the Eurosafe 170 to be configured to meet each individual need. The available accessories meet the needs of all clinics working in the dental, maxillofacial surgery, oral surgery, orthodontics and general medicine fields.

Upper loading trolley

Upper trolley with rotating stainless steel arms suitable for placing cassette inserts and baskets for instruments and burs. Supplied with the thermodisinfector.

Lower loading trolley

Stainless steel lower trolley suitable for cassette inserts and baskets for instruments and burs.


Full and safe control
of the procedures

Eurosafe 170 allows you to track of all thermodisinfection cycles performed, saving the data on USB. They can also be transferred to a PC via Ethernet connection or printed on thermal paper using the optional accessories.

External thermal printer

For those who want to keep their cycle records on paper.


Device for transferring thermodisinfector data to PC via Ethernet connection.


E-Memory is the software for the complete archiving, management and traceability of all sterilization cycles and data directly on a PC. This application can automatically, semi-automatically or manually capture data from the sterilization process and save it directly to the computer. This data can be easily organised, searched, printed and emailed.

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