Eurosafe 60

Eurosafe 60
euronda eurosafe 60

Euronda Eurosafe 60

Eurosafe 60 pre-washes, washes, thermally disinfects and dries in a single cycle, so there is no need to clean by hand. This guarantees more effective and efficient results in less time and with fewer risks for the operator. The large, 60-litre tank can be used to thermally disinfect many items, including handpieces, loose instruments, cassettes and containers. The wide range of accessories optimizes the use of the space available. 

The user-friendly interface can be utilized to program up to 40 cycles, customizing them to match specific needs and materials by adjusting settings such as washing time and temperature. Eurosafe 60 guarantees complete, secure traceability and it becomes even more effective if connected to the other Euronda Pro System devices. It validates and records the data of all disinfection cycles, which can be saved on a USB key and transferred to a computer.


560 x 825 x 577 mm (wxhxd)


62 Kg


Total power: 2750 W 230 V
V Pump power: 150 W

Operating temperature

+5°C / +40°C

CE Type Ref:


All in one

It pre-washes, washes and dries in a single cycle, for more effective results in less time.


The disinfection process is validated and recorded using USB key, Ethernet connection, external printer.


The large, 60-litre tank can thermally disinfect many items, including wands, loose instruments and containers.


It only consumes 1.7 kW and 12 litres of water during a “Short” cycle.


It is easy to check the contents during a cycle thanks to the tempered glass door.


The injection washing system blasts water jets from a number of directions for outstanding cleaning results.


The forced air drying system removes all traces of water from hollow instruments, for optimum drying.


Up to 40 cycles can be programmed and password-protected thanks
to the user-friendly interface of the LCD display.

Complete, secure traceability.

With Eurosafe 60, you can record details of all of the disinfection cycles that you run, by saving them on a USB flash drive, transferring them onto a computer with the Ethernet connection or printing them with the optional printer so that they are immediately available. This guarantees validation and documentation of the disinfection process, which can be carried out by up to 30 different password-authenticated users.

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eurosafe 60

Effective and efficient at the same time.

The Eurosafe 60 washer disinfector complements the Euronda Pro System line. In a single cycle, it pre-washes, washes, thermally disinfects and dries, so there is no need to clean by hand. It takes less time and less effort to produce effective, efficient results with Eurosafe 60. It prevents staff from being exposed to the risks of handling contaminated instruments and it is environmentally friendly, thanks in part to the automatic dispenser that can be used to adjust the amount of detergent.

Problem-free disinfection for everything.

Thanks to its large, 60-litre tank, Eurosafe 60 can be used to disinfect many items, including wands, loose instruments and containers. The hot-air drying system ensures that all traces of water are removed from both outside and inside hollow instruments. Everything about Eurosafe 60 is designed to guarantee maximum safety, from the AISI 316L stainless steel washing arms and washing chamber with rounded edges to the safety system to prevent the door from being opened during washing. There is a comprehensive range of accessories, including trays, baskets, wand holders and adaptors.

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euroseal macro

Quick, simple and customizable.

Eurosafe 60 makes thermal disinfection a simple, pleasant process thanks to its user-friendly interface, with an LCD display and control panel that are extremely easy to utilize. You can set the buttons under the display to start your three favourite cycles so that they can always be selected instantly. There is also a choice of 17 other preset cycles. In addition, it is possible to programme a further 20 cycles that can be customized to match your needs and materials. Settings such as the washing time and temperature can be adjusted and then protected with a password.


E-Memory 2.0 is the latest generation of software for the complete storing, management and traceability of all sterilization cycles and data directly on a PC.

Starter kit included in Eurosafe 60

eurosafe60 kit
Standard load basket
eurosafe60 kit
Insert for 8 trays
(40 mm slots)
eurosafe60 kit
Insert for vertically positioned instruments
eurosafe60 kit
Basket for burs and small parts
eurosafe60 kit

1 handbook, 1 USB key, 1 water test, 1 Kg salt, Euroclean 120 (500 ml), Eurobright 360 (500 ml)


eurosafe60 kit

Load basket with 4 wand holders, 5 injectors for hollow items and 2 connections for aspiration tubes

eurosafe60 kit

Load basket with 8 wand holders

eurosafe60 kit

Load basket with 6 wand holders and 6 injectors for hollow items

eurosafe60 kit

Load basket with 11 injectors for hollow items and 2 connections for aspiration tubes

eurosafe60 kit

Net basket DIN 1/1 for rigid instruments


Net basket DIN 1/2

eurosafe60 kit

Insert for 4 instrument containers (35 mm slots)

eurosafe60 kit

Insert for 2 instrument containers or trays (50 mm slots)

eurobright 360
Eurobright 360 - 3 L

Rinsing liquid, lubricant for medical equipment and devices in the washing machine

euroclean 120
Euroclean 120 - 3 L

Enzymatic detergent for mechanic washing of medical devices

eurosafe60 accessori

Turbine adaptor

eurosafe60 kit

• male thread M3
• female thread M3 X 0.5
• female thread M3.5 X 0.6
• injector
• holder

eurosafe60 print

External thermal paper printer

eurosafe60 datalogger

It transfers registered data from the thermodesinfector to the PC, for a complete and guaranteed data traceability

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