Euroseal® Infinity

Euroseal® Infinity

An electronic thermosealing machine at a constant temperature: Euroseal® Infinity is the natural successor toEuroseal® 2001 Plus, from which it has taken and built upon its key elements. Robust, reliable and easy to use, the new design is both eye-catching and functional. The new built-in cutter and sealing lever positioned at the front not only improve ergonomics and safety but also make packaging and sealing operations easier. This design makes the machine compact so it can be comfortably placed on a table top or wall-mounted in a vertical position. Euroseal®Infinity has a metal bar that holds and locks the rolland ensures that it remains inside the sealing area. The smooth surfaces make it easy to clean. Fully compliant with UNI EN 868-5 and EN 11607-2.


Sealing strip: 12 mm
Sealing area width: 310 mm


430 x 215 x 432 mm


7,1 kg


Power supply: 200 – 240 V; 50/60 Hz
Absorbed power: 100 W

CE Type Ref:



Built-in cutter and sealing lever at the
front of the machine make packaging
operations easier.


The roll-locking bar keeps the roll
stationary inside the sealing area
at all times.


The high-quality materials
and solid design make it virtually


The compact size allows it to be
placed on a work surface, flush-
mounted or vertically fixed to a wall.

Euronda Pro System Euroseal Infinity built-in cutter

Built-in cutter, easy to replace

Infinity Euronda Pro System vertical position

Vertical position

Euroseal Infinity Euronda Pro System

Alternative roll holder solution

Euronda Pro System

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