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Euroseal Valida
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Euroseal® Valida

Euroseal® Valida comes with all of the best features of a manual sealing machine: it has an innovative, ergonomic design and it is resistant, safe, versatile thanks to its patented roll holder, and extremely easy to use thanks to the practical support surface and the transparent polycarbonate cover.

Euroseal® Valida can validate sealing cycles and save data (including whether they were completed successfully) on a USB key or SD card. Sealing data can be transferred directly to a computer using Ethernet and WiFi connections. Thanks to the innovative touch-screen display with a user-friendly interface on the support surface, users can quickly and intuitively look through the menu and select one of the preset cycles or a free cycle with their own choice of sealing temperature, allowing them to seal rolls and pouches of all kinds. 

A stand-by function can be enabled to reduce energy consumption. An optional E-WiFi wireless kit is available on request. In full compliance with UNI EN 868-5 EN ISO 11607-2. 


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In full compliance with UNI EN 868-5   EN ISO 11607-2 and DIN 58953-7


Sealing strip: 12 mm
Sealing area width: 310 mm


Standard: 500 x 490 x 315 mm (wxhxd)
Mounted roll holder:
500 x 310 x 210 mm
Double roll holder:
500 x 490 x 420 mm


8.3 kg


Power supply: 200 – 240 V; 50/60 Hz
Absorbed power: 100 W

CE Type Ref:


A premium thermosealing machine that instantly catches the eye

Euroseal® Valida’s qualities stand out from the very first glance. Cutting-edge, light materials come together in its innovative, extremely durable design. The support surface is convenient and practical, while the polycarbonate cover allows operators to watch the roll all of the way to the sealing area. The comprehensive array of safety features includes an anti-roll-return blocking system, protection to prevent burning and a set of sound and light warning signals. In addition, the height and depth of the special, patented roll holder can be adjusted and it can also be wall-mounted, in order to optimize the use of space in dental practices.

All of the safety of a validator at heart

Euroseal® Valida actively helps to make the entire sterilization process safer because it “validates” sealing cycles and works in close coordination with Euronda autoclaves, confirming and enhancing the effectiveness of their work. In addition, Euroseal® Valida stores all of the data about sealing cycles (including whether they were completed successfully) on an SD Card, in accordance with the EN 11607-2 and EN 868-5 standards. It can be hooked up directly to a computer via Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections for instant information transfers. Furthermore, the user-friendly technology behind the innovative touch-screen display with a dedicated menu on the support surface provides users with a simple, intuitive interface and allows them to select one of the preset cycles or a free cycle.


The sealing data can be transferred directly to a computer via Ethernet or WiFi (optional).


The special patented roll holder can be wall-mounted making the machine extremely versatile and adaptable to the space available.


It validates the sealing cycle, confirming the successful outcome and saves the associated data (time, temperature and pressure) on an SD card.


User can choose between preset cycles and a free cycle with their choice of temperature.


It minimizes the risk of errors and accidents, in full compliance with EN 17665-1, EN 11607-2 and EN 868-5.

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