Eurosonic® 3D

Eurosonic® 3D

A digital ultrasonic tank featuring a constant operating temperature of 60°C and time adjustable to between 0 and 30 minutes, through the backlit controller.

Eurosonic® 3D is equipped with the Sweep Mode Technology for homogeneous distribution of the ultrasonic waves and more uniform cleaning.

It also features the visual cycle countdown, thanks to the LED lights surrounding the front controller. The side handles facilitate the tank shifting operations.


2,7 L


270 x 240 x 195 mm (WxHxD)


3.7 Kg (with basket and cover)

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Eurosonic®: 3D

How to use the cover

The cover is essential for the proper use of ultrasonic tanks. During operation, it protects the operator against aerosol exposure and splashing liquid, it stabilises the temperature of the liquid inside the tank, and allows the ultrasounds to reach and maintain the temperature more quickly, thereby saving time and energy. The new cover of euronda ultrasonic tanks is also sound absorbing, as it is made of a special type of plastic, which attenuates noise produced by the ultrasonic waves. Moreover, it is equipped with an anti-drip system, which prevents any contamination of the work area and protects the operator’s safety.

coperchio vasca ultrasuoni
metodo indiretto lavaggio ultrasuoni

Direct method

The advantage of this method is that it is very simple and allows for a very effective cleaning action. The cleaning solution must be poured into the tank (only one cleaning solution at a time) while the instruments must be either placed in the perforated basket or suspended. You can use the entire capacity of the tank, taking care to use the supplied cover to protect yourself from aerosol exposure. The dirt will build up at the bottom.

Indirect method

This is particularly indicated for cleaning small instruments, such as milling machines or prostheses. The tank is filled with water and a cleaning solution to enhance cavitation. The beaker holder allows you to introduce different cleaning solutions into the beakers; this way you can clean even different types of instruments and choose the solution according to the type of residue to be removed. The dirt remains in the beaker. The beaker allows you to enhance the ultrasonic cleaning while the cover protects the operator against aerosol exposure.

lavaggio ultrasuoni metodo diretto

Included accessories

accessori eurosonic 4d
Smoke-grey anti deformation cover with non-drip system
accessori eurosonic 4d
Stainless steel perforated basket

Optional accessories

bicchieri graduati
600 ml glass beaker with plastic lid
accessori eurosonic 3d
600 ml beaker holder

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