Eurosteril® Sterilization rolls

Eurosteril® Sterilization rolls

Eurosteril® sterilization rolls are made of the best certified materials: heavy weight medical paper (60 g/m²) and a double layer of light blue polyethylene/polypropylene film. This gives them a guaranteed seal during sterilization, makes them extremely easy to open without releasing fibres or tearing, and offers maximum microbial protection. If stored properly, they can be sterile for up to 6 months.
In addition, the chemical colour indicators signal a successfully completed cycle in the autoclave, thus guaranteeing maximum safety for patients.
Eurosteril® sterilization rolls are manufactured in full compliance with Directive 93/42/EEC (as amended by Directive 2007/47/EC) and the EN 868-5 standard.


Medical Device Class I

(Reg. (UE) 2017/745)


5 cm x 200 m  (carton of 8 rolls)
7.5 cm x 200 m  (carton of 5 rolls)
10 cm x 200 m  (carton of 4 rolls)
15 cm x 200 m  (carton of 2 rolls)
20 cm x 200 m  (carton of 2 rolls)
25 cm x 200 m  (carton of 1 roll)
30 cm x 200 m  (carton of 1 roll)
40 cm x 200 m  (carton of 1 roll)

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They offer a guaranteed seal during sterilization and keep items sterile for up to 6 months in suitable storage conditions.


Made of heavy weight 60g/m2 medical kraft paper on one side coupled with a light blue polyethylene/polypropylene laminate film layer. The certified materials offer a guaranteed seal during sterilization. In full compliance with 93/42/EEC (and subsequent amendment 2007/47/EC) and EN 868-5.


Excellent peelability during opening, with no release of paper fibres or tearing in the plastic material.


The class I chemical indicators change colour during the sterilization process.

5 cm x 200 m
7,5 cm x 200 m
10 cm x 200 m
15 cm x 200 m
20 cm x 200 m
25 cm x 200 m
30 cm x 200 m
40 cm x 200 m

Details of the changing chemical colour indicators:
•   steam method: pink colour turns brown after sterilization in an autoclave
•   EtO gas method with ethylene oxide: green colour turns yellow after sterilization in an autoclave

•   carefully examine the size of the items to be
sterilized. No more than 3/4 of the volume of the packaging must be taken up by the contents;
•   make sure that there is a gap of at least 3 cm between the item to be sterilized and the seal;
•   the sealing strip must be at least 8 mm wide to conform with the EN 868-5 standard;
•   protect any sharp points with special covers;
•   use an absorbent gauze to prevent any lubricated turbines and wands from soaking the paper with oil;
•   when opening pouches, hold the paper side still and peel the film downwards to access the sterile instruments.

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