The EXL autoclave was developed to meet the needs of medical clinics with high patient volumes, ensuring greater load capacity, improved performance, coupled with low consumption, thanks to its instant steam generator. Efficiency and sustainability have been achieved by management systems, but the jewel in the crown of this machine is its extendable traceability and connectivity by means of a SD Card or Ethernet, ensuring that sterilisation data is always available on computers, printers, smart phones and tablets. Everything in the EXL has been designed to optimise the operational efficiencies of the clinic, providing safe, sustainable and reliable sterilisation to the highest Euronda standards.



Medical Device Class IIb. Autoclave class B conforms to EN 13060 standard requirements. Stainless steel moulded chamber certified
to PED 2014/68/EC

Chamber capacity

29 L


62 Kg (machine empty with basket and trays)

External dimensions

460 x 455 x 855 mm (wxhxd)

Power consumption

3200 W 14 A

Water consumption

900 ml

CE Type Ref:


CE Type Ref:


Large, human scale

EXL is the Euronda autoclave with a greater load capacity, designed for dental clinics seeking to optimise time and resource consumption. The customisable programming functions of the cycles allows for the optimum management and organisation of all operations, delivering both an efficient and effective sterilisation process.The spacious 29 litre stainless steel chamber can hold any load, thereby reducing the number of cycles. EXL can sterilise 5 trays or 3 cassettes simultaneously.

A system that is always connected and up to date

The need to be fully connected to other systems in the dental clinic is fundamental and has always been central to Euronda research. For this reason, we have made it even easier to instantly connect the EXL to other Pro Systems, such as the Euroseal® Valida thermosealer and the Eurosafe 60 thermodisinfector.

Expandable to adapt to your requirements

Traceability is the trademark of the Euronda Pro System, the first to introduce an expandable traceability system. Even with EXL, all the sterilisation cycles are saved on files and can be printed directly thanks to the optional Print Sets. Easy to install without the need for a specialist technician.

Savings and sustainability

The EXL was realised to optimise dental clinic energy consumption in an eco-friendly manner. The instant steam generator and the advanced drying cycle ensure optimum performance for rapid, sustainable and high quality sterilisation.

Always at your service

From maintenance to the programme functions, EXL uses solutions and systems to optimise ergonomics and usability. Hardware and software work together to simplify processes, enhance efficiencies whilst adapting them to the clinic’s specific time-management requirements.

Long-lasting safety

The EXL uses the strengths and best features of the most evolved Euronda autoclaves in terms of duration, maintenance and design build. EXL guarantees maximum reliability and longevity.


Thanks to its instant steam generator and the Pro System technology, sterilisation settings are adapted to the effective load, thus optimising water and electricity consumption.


The integrated SD Card and the Ethernet connection will ensure that sterilisation data is always available, transferring it from the autoclave to a computer or other devices.


Based on the most highly developed Euronda autoclaves, the EXL combines their strengths and best features in terms of duration, maintenance and design build.


It provides an expandable system of traceability thanks to standard connectivity and integrable Print Sets for the printing of adhesive labels.


From its user-friendly interface, to the most innovative systems which guarantee the autoclave's performance over time: EXL improves and simplifies sterilisation and the management of the sterilisation process.


With its 29 litre chamber, EXL is the biggest-capacity Euronda autoclave available, whilst ensuring optimum sterilisation results.


E-Cart is the multipurpose cart designed to accommodate Euronda autoclaves and maximize space, simplifying sterilization procedures. Compact, practical and ergonomic, E-Cart is compatible with EXL, the new maxi-load autoclave from the Pro System range. 

Starter kit included in EXL

Standard tray holder

The square panelled stainless steel tray holders are designed for the loading of 5 standards aluminium trays.As these can be rotated to 90°, 3 sealed trays can be inserted. 5 trays included.

• Drainage pipes
• Sponge
• 2 tray removal handles
• Adjustable door handle
• Funnel

E-Data software

E-Data software allow to link autoclaves and other Euronda Pro System devices to your network system.

E-Memory software

The latest generation of software for the complete storing, management and traceability of all sterilization cycles and data directly on a PC.

Optional print sets

euronda e10 accessori
Print set 2
Print Set 3

Spot EXL

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