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Operator stools

The range of Euronda stools comprises three models designed to meet every possible requirement. Onyx, Coral and CDS301 are perfect for those who spend a long time sitting down thanks to a curved anatomical backrest, comfortable seat and sturdy structure. What’s more, they are extremely stylish and come in a vast range of colours, so you are simply spoiled for choice.


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operator stool

Chromium-plated steel structure operator’s stool with five spoke base and fitted with five self-piroeutting wheels.

operator stool

Operator’s stool in full compliance with ISO 7493. Structure in recyclable extruded polyamide, fireproof, scratch resistant and knock-proof, fitted with five selflocking wheels.

operator stool

Operator’s stool made of an aluminium structure, fitted with 5 wheels.

Euronda Pro System

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