The purpose of sterilization is to remove all microbial life forms, including spores and fungi, whether  they are pathogenic or not. The sterilization process as a whole has to be in full compliance with the EN 13060 standard and the protocols established by the manufacturer. All Euronda Pro System autoclaves offer maximum efficiency and usability, innovative technologies and a complete traceability system.


All the Pro System Autoclaves are designed and produced to represent the climax of the Euronda philosophy: constant innovation to protect dentists, assistants and patients all around the world.

Water treatment systems

All the Class B autoclaves and other Euronda Pro System devices must be supplied with demineralized water for their correct functioning. Therefore it is vital to adopt an effective tool for the treatment of the water: pure water ensures optimal and consistent performance and extends the life of the machines.

test autoclavi

Class B Autoclaves Tests

The purpose of tests is to ensure that the autoclave is working properly and that items have been sterilized properly. They must be carried out systematically in accordance with the practice’s internal protocol.

Traceability and connectivity

The purpose of this step is to leave a record of the sterilization cycle for each instrument. It involves clearly marking the following information on the pouches: sterilization date, autoclave used to process the item, type of cycle, serial number of the cycle, cycle result, cycle operator, loading and unloading and expiration date (as established by the internal sterilization protocol).