Pro System

Sterilising surgical instruments in the dental practice

How to optimise costs and resources by bringing together all the steps in the sterilisation process

For a dental practice to run smoothly and offer high standards of service and efficiency, it is crucial to have a tightly organised set-up and well-coordinated work flow, but it is equally important to ensure safety and be compliant with applicable legislation. It goes without saying that such a state of affairs makes financial sense too because it brings costs down and streamlines the workload of healthcare operators and dentists.

In this sense, the sterilisation procedure is not only necessary, it is truly indispensable. It should be a matter of course in any dental practice’s daily routine. But it cannot be reduced to a simple operation that starts and finishes with the autoclave. Quite the opposite, as a process, it is contemplated, precisely defined and regulated by applicable legislation, involving a series of steps and systems.

Optimising the various stages in the process means boosting safety, but also saving time and money as well as promoting staff efficiency. To meet this need and deliver outstanding protection levels for healthcare operators and patients alike, Euronda has developed Pro System.

Pro System: all the benefits of an integrated system

Pro System is a range of machines and devices which caters for all phases of the sterilisation cycle, including cleaning, disinfection, sealing and bagging instruments, as well as the actual sterilisation process itself. With Pro System, Euronda has rethought and organised all the sterilisation phases in one single integrated and connected system which brings together the various procedures and equipment to achieve the same purpose: ensuring an efficient and safe protocol.

A regular usage of Pro System contributes to a protocol which enables you to:

  • automate and organise your work flow efficiently
  • keep the human-error margin down to a minimum
  • reduce wastage of time, energy consumption and costs
  • have even more control over the process data
  • comply with all statutory requirements
  • guarantee outstanding levels of protection and safety

People-centric innovation

Ongoing innovation for superlative standards of usability and safety”; in keeping with its corporate philosophy, Euronda developed the devices in its Pro-System suite which is based on these key concepts:

  •     Outstanding usability and personalisation: with straightforward touchscreen interfaces and user-friendly software which make it easy and quick to set cycles and functions.
  •     Validation, traceability and retrieval of data: a confirmation, printing and digital filing system which allows you to check, pull up and certify information on the sterility of the instruments as well as additional relevant data and successful outcome of all phases of the sterilisation process.
  •     Full inspection system: make sure that each single product can be fully inspected, making it easier to check and maintain it as well as keeping it working properly over time.

This means that the system is more intuitive and user-friendly, as it can be customised and adapted to the practice’s requirements, testing and storing all the pertinent process data.

This is a huge boon in terms of safety for both the dental practice and its owner because it will provide inestimably valuable information in the event of any legal disputes feasibly arising from dentist-patient complications.

In this sense, Pro System’s integrated systems of validation, traceability and retrievability are an excellent troubleshooting move for any dental surgery because they recall and display (by tapping into an archive of stored data) the sterility status of the instrumentation used for each session and each patient.

If you are interested in finding out more, here is a special article on the subject Validation, traceability and retrievability.

An end-to-end control system

So, choosing Pro System means benefiting from a new method that simplifies, improves and preserves sterilisation, ensuring complete control over:

  •   instrument sterility: performing procedures envisaged under the protocol and completely eliminating bacterial spores between one patient and another.
  •   instrument information: to check instrument sterility status during storage and to know with certainty that instruments can be used on another patient.
  •   digital data: to check that all the procedures envisaged by the sterilisation protocol – cleaning, disinfection, sealing and sterilisation – have actually taken place (cycle outcome), when they took place (day and time) and under whose responsibility (name and surname of the assistant).
  • time: to improve work management via the automation and customised scheduling process of equipment on the basis of usual work pace, relieving personnel of the need to perform mechanical tasks and allowing them to use their time in a more functional and efficient manner.
  • machinery: to be in a position to check how clean it is and whether it works properly inside, inspecting equipment at weekly intervals with a simple gesture and thus reducing annual-servicing costs.

Pro System: sterilisation with an Euronda stamp

Therefore, using Pro-System solutions means endowing your dental practice with a comprehensive sterilisation protocol, implementing a cohesive and essential procedure to the fullest extent.

Pro-System devices are a connected customisable next-generation system which ensures the utmost safety for every phase of the process, optimising functionality and efficiency and fully guaranteeing complete traceability and retrievability.