Thermosealing machines

Thermosealing machines

Euronda offers a wide range of thermosealing machines to meet the needs of every dental practice. Whether rotary or manual, all our thermosealers are characterized by a simple and versatile use. Moreover Euroseal Valida and Euromatic  allow to carry on the concepts of validation, connectivity and traceability dear to Euronda Pro System.


The quick, smart thermosealing machine that validates the sealing process and prints the data directly onto the pouch.

Euroseal Valida

Euroseal Valida is a simple, ergonomic bar-based thermosealing machine that validates the process, guaranteeing exceptional results and complete safety.


Euroseal®: design, quality, simplicity and versatility in only one thermosealing machine.

Euroseal Infinity

Euroseal Infinity is the natural successor to Euroseal 2001 Plus, from which it has taken and built upon its key elements.

Euroseal Check test

Bar heat thermosealing machine control test which allows to verify that rolls and pouches are correctly sealed, conforming to the EN ISO 11607-2.


Box: box of 100 tests
Pack: carton of 40 boxes