Traceability and connectivity

Validation, traceability and retrieving

To ensure that the sterilization process takes place correctly, preserving evidence in time, Euronda has developed advanced systems of validation, traceability and retrieving.

– Validation allows to verify the effectiveness of the machine to be sure of the successful completion of an operation (thermal disinfection, sealing or sterilization).

– Traceability is useful to verify the information certifying the sterility of the instrument before its use. The purpose of this step is to leave a record of the sterilization cycle for each instrument. It involves clearly marking the following information on the pouches: sterilization date, autoclave used to process the item, type of cycle, serial number of the cycle, cycle result, cycle operator loading and unloading and expiration date (as established by the internal sterilization protocol).

– Retrieving allows to verify the information that certify the instrument sterility after its use. The purpose of this step is to retrieve the information about the sterilization cycle for each instrument. The information on the pouches is cross-checked with the sterilization log containing details of the autoclave operating tests. These three complementary aspects are fundamental to work in total safety and autonomy, and to ensure maximum protection for patients and for the staff. In addiction, they allow an effective defense by the dentist in the event of litigation.


. Pro System catalog

E-Data and
E-Memory 2.0

E-Data software allows to link autoclaves and other Euronda Pro System Devices to your network system in order to have all the sterilization data available for your practice management software.  E-Data is available for both Windows and iOS operating systems and it is compatible with all of the top management systems on the market, such as Dios, Segosoft, Julie, Visiodent and Kodak. E-Memory 2.0 software manages the sterilization data on your computer. Thanks to this file management system you will have a complete and organized database of your sterilization processes. 



Kit WiFi for connecting E10 and E9 Next autoclaves or Euroseal® Valida thermosealing machine to a computer, tablet or smartphone (iOS and Android). With E-WiFi, all of the information about activities carried out  by Euronda devices can easily be uploaded and managed, thus ensuring that all data are always  available and updated in the computerized sterilization log. E-WiFi allows up to five E10 or E9 Next autoclaves to be connected and managed from the same computer, as long as it has a Windows operating system and the E-Memory and E-Link software installed on it.

print set

Print set 1

Built-in thermal paper printer for those who wish to print and store the results of the sterilization cycle on a paper copy. It can be installed on-board in a few simple steps on the front of the machine.

set stampa

Print set 2

Built-in adhesive labels printer: safely tag your load. Install this simple printer device on board in a few easy steps.  Save space and conveniently print your labels and bar codes.

Print set 3

External large-quantity labels printer kit for continuous production. Safely tag your load by connecting the printing device in a few easy steps. Can be used for both labels and bar codes.