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Euronda has developed a comprehensive traceability system for the sterilization process, which includes the cleaning, packaging and sterilization stages. Euronda Pro System devices make managing and archiving the results of the entire process easier thanks to a digital and paper-based traceability system supported by proprietary software. Adopting this system enables practices to archive all their data in a clear and orderly way and to demonstrate, at all times, that the sterilization process has been carried out correctly.

To ensure that the clinic operates in full compliance with applicable standards, delivers the highest standards of protection and safety for patients, and is protected from litigation, the Euronda Pro System traceability system allows you to:

  • Validate, i.e. monitor and objectively confirm that individual stages in the process, including cleaning, packaging and sterilization, have been carried out correctly.
  • Track, which consists of clearly indicating the following information on the packaging: sterilization date, device used, type of cycle performed, progressive number, outcome, operators involved and expiry date established by the internal sterilization protocol.
  • Trace, i.e. search for and verify each individual sterilization process, even after some time has passed. The archiving of files generated by the thermodisinfector, sealer and autoclave—complete with all parameters—in orderly databases provides evidence that the process has been carried out correctly.

Load validation and release - autoclave

This function allows the user to digitally record the conformity of the sterilization process, both during loading and unloading. Once the operator has checked the integrity and drying of the pouches, the status of the instruments and compliance with the sterilization parameters, the load can then be validated.

Euronda Pro System advanced connectivity

The Euronda Pro System integrated connectivity system is designed so that all devices enable complete traceability of the entire sterilization process.


The expandable traceability system allows 3 different types of printers to be installed, depending on requirements. Print Set 1 and 2 are installed at the front of the autoclave without additional space, while Print Set 3 is placed outside the device.

Cycle traceability

At the end of each cycle, Euronda Pro System devices generate a file containing all data relating to the process. This file can be archived with the help of the E-Memory software and easily managed and accessed in a few clicks. In accordance with the EN 13060 standard, files can be archived via USB (E10 autoclave, thermodisinfectors and Euromatic sealer) and SD card (EXL, E9 and E8 autoclaves, and Euromatic and Euroseal Valida sealers) for the seamless transfer of all data to a computer using either an Ethernet connection or WiFi.”

E-Memory 2.0 è il software per l’archiviazione, gestione e rintracciabilità completa di tutti i cicli e i dati di sterilizzazione della clinica.

Print Set

Print Set 1

Internal printer with thermal paper, for accessing paper-based cycle recording, for keeping records.

Print Set 2

Internal printer for adhesive labels, for labelling loads securely with the possibility of printing barcodes as well.

Print Set 3

External printer for adhesive labels, for printing large quantities of adhesive labels, including barcodes.

Connectivity systems


SD card for wireless sharing of data captured by the device to any PC, tablet or smartphone.


Software for connecting all Euronda Pro System devices to the management system, so that all data can be recorded and tracked. Available for Windows and iOS operating systems and compatible with most management programmes on the market.


E-Memory is the software for the complete archiving, management and traceability of all sterilization cycles and data directly on a PC. The software acquires the sterilization process data automatically, semi-automatically or manually, storing it on the PC where it can be easily organised, searched, printed or sent by email.

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