Ultrasonic Tanks

Ultrasonic Tanks

Professional ultrasonic tanks are indispensable instruments to remove even the most stubborn residues from dental instruments.

The Eurosonic® Pro System ultrasonic tanks guarantee maximum efficiency and extremely handy operation during daily tasks, which are made even easier and more user-friendly thanks to upgraded management and control systems and the redesigned range, now more compact and ergonomic.

Eurosonic® 4D

User-friendly, efficient and extremely practical for daily use, Eurosonic® 4D is the most advanced digital ultrasonic tank in the Euronda range.

Eurosonic® 3D

Eurosonic® 3D is a simple, practical ultrasonic tank that is designed to cater to the needs of all dental practices.

Eurosonic® Energy

If you want a safe, sturdy ultrasonic tank, Eurosonic® Energy is the most affordable choice.

Eurosonic® Micro

Small, powerful, fast and precise: Eurosonic® Micro is ideal for ultrasonic washing of small instruments.