Eurosteril sterilization rolls and pouches

Safe, efficient and easy to use, Eurosteril rolls and pouches are the perfect accompaniment for the sterilization process.
Made in Italy using the best materials and state-of-the-art processes, these ensure: a constant seal during sterilization; very easy opening without fibre release or tearing; maintained sterility. Chemical indicators signal at a glance that sterilization has taken place.

Eurosteril rolls and pouches are produced in full compliance with MDR (EU) 2017/745 and the EN 868-5 standard. Sterilization rolls are available in both flat and gusseted versions. Sterilization pouches are also available in a self-sealing version.


Eurosteril® sterilization pouches and rolls are manufactured in full compliance with Reg. UE 2017/745 and the EN 868-5 standard.


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Eurosteril sterilization rolls

Eurosteril sterilization rolls are made with the very best certified materials, allowing you to store all your instruments safely, and come in 8 flat dimensions and 3 gusseted dimensions.

Eurosteril sterilization pouches

Eurosteril sterilization Pouches are safe, practical and easy to use during the packaging stage, and come in 3 heat-sealable dimensions and 3 self-sealing dimensions.

Euroseal check test

Bar heat thermosealing machine control test which allows to verify that rolls and pouches are correctly sealed, conforming to the EN ISO 11607-2.


Box of 100 tests
Carton of 40 boxes